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Call us 605-226-1199

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

This Little male Buckley Mountain Feist pup went to his new home in Sounth Georgia 9-13-21.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

We are now booking Orignal Buckley mountain Feist pups for our winter 2021 and spring 2022 litters.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Just got this repost back from Kate Mooney of Sissionville Wv. The Mooneys live on a farm and let their dogs run on the farm The dogs are doing for the Mooneys like our dogs of the past done for us growing up in Floyd Co. KY.

Went hunting at a friend's hunting camp for some holiday fun and walk in the woods. I think they were very impressed with these dogs . The word is out for Buckley Mt Feist. My dad is 82 and can't get in the woods we bring him videos and pics and his eyes light up. These guys remind him of a squirrel dog he had as a kid. My husband acts like a proud parent every time they tree. LOL.  What a good time we have had with these pups.     They even protect my chickens, turkey and guineas. They hear a distress call from the birds and away they go to chase off a buzzard or hawk.       Happy New Year!     Kate Mooney

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Louisiana Mountain Feist

Lanny Brantleys wife drove up from Sterlington, Louisiana and picked up their male Buckley Mountain Feist this morning. Mrs. Brantley is taking the pup back to Louisiana for a couple days and then going to deliver the pup to Lanny which is currently out in New Mexico working.

Southern Ohio Mountain Feist

Gary Abner and his wife of Blue Creek Ohio drove back down this morning and picked mup their second pup.


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Mountain Feist treeing squacks

grey squirrel wheelin_armor