Monday, February 18, 2013


kate by lindakaybuckley
kate, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

What a great morning! Got the pups on the squirrel carcass for some morning fun then took them for a walk in the woods. They treed their first squirrel on their own without any coaxing and was timbering it ! Fantastic. That has got to make a dog breeder proud what nice pups these guys are, everyone comments on them and want to know where I got them. Thanks Jack for dogs that are everything you say they are. "Badger "the blonde......"Tracker" the tricolor . Kate Mooney Sissonville, WV

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  1. Jack
    Had to share what happened this afternoon. Those pups were settled down for the afternoon and I spotted a squirrel running the fence and it was headed for a den tree. I opened the door and yelled get that squacker and the pups ran for the dead carcass in the tree. The squirrel gets in the den. I take the pups to put them on the fresh trail they track to the tree but aren't convinced there is any thing in it. I smack the base with a stick and the dogs are nosing around digging up ground moles. The wind starts blowing out of the corner of my eye I see something large falling towards my head. I think it is a tree limb or debris and duck with my hands over my head. That crazy squirrel thought he wasn't safe in top of that tree and has jumped 30 feet to the ground just missing me and landing in front of my feet. THUD......There is a second or two of chaos with dirt and leaves flying, the dogs are spinning their paws to get that thing. Tracker takes out whining in a chase just inches from it. The squirrel stays on the ground for 200 feet and Badger is in the game. Squirrel makes it to an old mature oak and the singing begins. Those dogs were jumping, clawing and biting that tree. Tracker was so mad he started ripping any twig or bush in his way and then dug his claws in that rough bark and climbed a foot up that tree!!!!! What a hoot!!! Of course I didn't have a camera but what entertainment watching these guys. What a belly laugh!


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