Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Buckley Mountain Feist pup

Then this morning Harry Burden Of Livermore. KY. drove out and picked up his male pup. This is the last of the males. I really liked this cross and looked forward keeping the whole litter for my own use but not enough meat close by to train all them. I am considering making this cross again. And like before I will not be booking any pups from this this litter.


Princess-male-va by lindakaybuckley
Princess-male-va, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

With the lack of many squirrels in my immediate area I decided to sale all the males I keep out of the Princess X Bigun cross that were for my own use.So all I have left are the 2 red head females and I'm going to hang on to these two for the time being.
The one male went to Louisiana a couple weeks ago and last week Cortney Kapley & Travis Blevins of New Castle Va. drove up and picked up their male.

New Chat Room and message Board

We have a new site up and running. It is a message board and has a nice chat room as well. Everyone is welcome to come join. Just register and start posting your own post and pics of your dogs and hunts. Everyone is welcome to come share your dogs and hunts. So click the link and join us.

Mountain Feist treeing squacks