Saturday, November 10, 2012

Virginia Mountain Feist

Jason Hosteter drove up from Harrisionburg, Va. and picked up his female p-rick eared Buckley Mtn Feist. I really enjoyed the visit fellows and good luck with your pups

North Carolina Mountain Feist

may-andy-mabe by lindakaybuckley
may-andy-mabe, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Andy Mabe ( CreekBuster) drove up from King N.C. tohis morning and picked up his female p-rick eared Buckley Mtn Feist pup

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Southern Mountain Feist

may-kevin-phoponthiux by lindakaybuckley
may-kevin-phoponthiux, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Kevin Ponthieux of Pineville, Louisiana drove up last evening and spent the night at Hazard then drove on in this morning picking up his @@@@@@ eared male Buckley Mountain Feist pup on the left. While here he picked up a @@@@@@ eared female pup on the left and is going to give it a ride to Jeff Caroll of West Blacton, Alamba.. This makes the 2nd Buckley Mountain Feist that Kevin has owned. The first he tells me made a awesome dog but recently got killed on the road. While here Kevin made a deposit on another female pup out of the spring litters. Thank you Jeff for hunting our dogs and we wish you the best of luck with your puppy.
As for the title of this post " southern litter ". There were 5 pups in the litter and all 5 are going south. One to Arkansas, one to Louisiana, One to Alabama, one to North Carolina and one to Virgina...

Friday, November 2, 2012


May-Randy-Hawthorn by lindakaybuckley
May-Randy-Hawthorn, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Randy Hawthorn of Huntsville Arkansas drove into Hazard Ky last evening then drove in to here this morning and picked up his wither with dirty black trim natural bob tail Mountain Feist out of Buckleys May X Buckleys Knight Rider. Had a great visit with Randy. Good luck with your pup.

New Chat Room and message Board

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Mountain Feist treeing squacks