Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another pup report today from the last Aqua X Taz litter from Bill in Wv.. This makes 4 out of this litter that are aleady treeing their own squirrel and2 from this litter today reporting in with the meat.
(Well, Dusty (Aqua x Taz) finally got fur on the ground.  At exactly 6 months old.  She has probably treed a dozen over the last couple of months, but due to leaves, trees with holes, and poor shooting, this was the first we got on the ground.  We went on a couple hour hunt in the morning and only turned up one, and it went into a leaf nest.  I planned to work around the house and go again in the evening.  Dusty was out on her own, when I heard her treeing over the hill.  I grabbed the gun and went to back her up.  She had the meat, and I shot it out to her.  It still had some life in it, and bit her on the nose.  Not too bad, just enough to really make her mad.  She is tuning out to be a great dog)
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