Monday, June 13, 2011

Feist pups 1st look at a squirrel

This is our Buckley Mountain Feist pup Omega at 9 months old getting his 1st look at a squirrel in the training tube. Normally we have them going good before his age but because the lack of mast last year our squirrels moved out. We are now starting to get a few back and with luck and a heavy mast crop this year we can get him in on lots of hunts on wild squirrels letting the natural instincts bred into him come out.
He is out of Aqua X Tax and is the litter brofe the ones all the guys picked up this week end. I think he may hate a squack. This was right during the heat of the day and he treed on it over 3 min. without letting up. Watch the video.

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Mountain Feist treeing squacks