Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mountain Fesit pups

Snowflake and Taz pups at 4 weeks old. These lil dudes all have natural bob tails and are little butter balls.

Competition Feist

 Yound lady Harley Aronald  and Ace at the VSSH show today. Harley and Ace got best of show male. Harley put Ace in the treeing contest for the first time and got third place!
 Great job Miss Harley we're sure proud of you and Ace here at Greytails Kennel's.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Black and WhiteTN Mountain Feist pup

Greg Casteel of Lenoir City, TN and his pap drove up yesterday and picked up their black & white natural bob tail female Mountain Feist pup out of Boots X Taz.

Two Tennesse Mountain Feist

Two of Boots X Taz pups left here today heading to their new home in Hillham, TN today.

Larry Geesling called me over the week end said HOBO told him to check with us for some Feist pups. I sent Larry a pic of these two pups out of Boots and Taz and he said he would be here to pick thim up this weekend. I checked the answer machine around noon and Larry said he was en-route today to pick up his pup today. I wasn't about to turn him back so I never mentioned the family with him . So he come on up and picked up his pus early.

Thank you Larry and we wish you the best of luck with the pups. Also thank you HOBO for hooking Larry up with me.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Mountain Feist pups.

Snowflake and Taz pups are now 3 weeks old. They are fat lil dudes and growing like pigs. They are 3 of them , 1 male and 2 females.

Feist pup in Ohio

Frank Stout and his son drove down last night from Leavittsburg, Ohio and spent the night in KY then drove over this morning and picked up their natural bob tail prick eared Mountain Feist pup out of Boots and Taz and headed back on their 7 hour drive back home. Good luck with him frank and keep us posted on his progress.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WV Mountain WV

Doug Owens of Parsons, WV drove the 6 hour drive down this morning and picked up his black & white female pup out of Boots & Taz. This is the 2nd pup Doug has gotten from us. The 1st one was out of Dot & Pumpgun which Doug says made a real little squirrel dog. Said she treed squirrels, coon or anything else that climbed a tree. This dog got ran over and killed on the road early last fall and that's when Doug's wife Sandy called and booked another pup for them.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ohio Feist pup

Another one of Boots babe's is heading to its new home this morning. Adam Wright his wife Melissa drove down from Lancaster Ohio last night and spent the night at Prestonsburg. Drove on out to Leburn this morning at 7 AM and picked up their red with white trim male Mountain Feist pup out of Boots X Taz. Good luck with him guys and keep us posted on his progress.

Prick Eared Feist pup

Had a great visit today with one of our SDH members Locaman of Corbin  Kentucky. Locaman picked up his lil red and white male prick eared Feist pup out of Boots X Taz. Good luck with him Landon and I know you'll keep us posted on him.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Em's puppy

This is the puppy Em refused to let go out of Dot and Bigun.

Boots X Taz pups at feed time

Snowflake X Taz Mountain Feist

Snowflake Taz pups were born 2-26-11. One male and two females all red and white with natural bob tail.

New Chat Room and message Board

We have a new site up and running. It is a message board and has a nice chat room as well. Everyone is welcome to come join. Just register and start posting your own post and pics of your dogs and hunts. Everyone is welcome to come share your dogs and hunts. So click the link and join us.

Mountain Feist treeing squacks