Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hunting central Ky

Hunting central Ky
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Loaded up Brownie & Taz and drove to Central Ky and met up with MtEdenbeagler and cfriends. Sorry can't remeber name.

for a little squack hunting today. Man what a fun day it was. Larry is a great guy , has some very good young prospects and has squirrels with plenty of mast for them.
We got there this morning and turned the dogs loose and things started out real slow. It was foggy, cold and lots of water still on the trees and limbs. Dogs treed a few but the squirrels hadn't been down on the ground yet and apparently were moving though the trees because the dogs were having a rough time winding the squirrels.
But from about 12 to 2PM it was pretty action packed to say the least. Dogs treed around 30 times, we looked at 19 and bagged 18. And I finally got to shoot some fat Fox squacks out to my dogs. Don't you just love hunting those big critters? We had one tree that had a fox and grey squirrel both in it. Both squirrels started timbering at the same time. Didn't do them much good though because we had some prick eared feist power after them. The dogs split up with some following the fox and the rest following the grey. I say both are skinned by now also.
We had some 2 way split trees and at least one 3 way split tree. Larrys young female caught a grinner on the ground and Brownie and Taz treed another up a bush no thicker than a broom handel. Really liked the way Larrys lil yellow female hunted and treed today. SHe was in on lots of action and even treeing her own squacks.
Thank you Larry for the invite. I had a blast!

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