Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hunting squirrel dogsagain

Well as a lot of you on here are aware of I haven't been squirre dog hunting with my Mountain Feist since banjer man came down from Ohio I think the 1st week of December and took a hunt with me. We had deer season , bull elk season , black powde, cow elk season and I've been under the weather a tad. Not to mention all the bad weather.
With the sun shining and the temperature at 42 this afternoon I decided to load up old Brownie, Princess , Em's pup Omega, Taz and hit the dusty trail. Or should I say muddy trail..
I have been stuck on 99 squirrels ever since the 1st week of December. Not to bad I guess since I have missed 6 weeks of the best 6 of hunting season and hunting mostly right here at the house and 99% time by my lonesome.
Well today I finally broke the century mark.Treeing 8 and Killing 3 making my season total at 102 to date.

First drop I dropped Brownie and the pup Omega and nothing wasn't moving, Never made a tree or smelled a squirrel.
The next drop I dropped Princess and Taz. They treed two times and I got one of them. Next drop I dropped Taz by himself and he made 6 trees and I got two of them out to him. Got a couple pics of couple treeing but they aren't very good quality. Also got a couple good videos of him and princess treeing, alone with one of Taz making a awesome retrieve . I was standing up in the road and Taz winded that squirrel clear accross the creek. He was standing at least 60 yds back hammering on it. The reason why it was so thick, when the dozer made the road he had piled up a bunch of trees and bush over to the side. It looked so thick a black snake would have problems crawling through it. But old Taz saved my hide. He went through it and retrieves the squirrel right to my hand.
I will have the video on the video downloads as soon as it downloads,

Taz made two awesome jobs on the same squirrel today. He first winded it and treed it over 60 yds away. If you see him he is standing in the road and the squirrel is clear across the creek up a tree. I was watching him when he treed it.

I shot this squirrel and it feel about 60 or 70 yds across the creek. I was standing in a old gas well road. When they built the road the Little had piled brush up so thick a black snake couldn't crawl through it. But old Taz saved my hide.  After making a incredable tree on this squirrel He went down through all this mess and brought the dead squirrel right back to my hand.
 I really love this little dog. Every time  I take him hunting it seems he does something awesome for me.

Here is another clip of Taz teeeing up a 100 foot hemlock tree. We got him too.  

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