Friday, December 2, 2011


We had Brian Kelly over back in the summer doing some carpentry work for us and he told me he would love to go squirrel hunting with a dog. I told him I would take him this season. Well according to him he's hooked. First trip and he's wanting to buy a dog. We had a decent hunt until I got the Rhino stuck in the creek and Brian had to wade water to his knees to hook up the winch up. He got wet and soon started getting cold so I cut the hunt short and promised I would take him again soon.
Not sure how many trees we had but it was a bunch. Should have gotten out 2 man limit but that's another chapter in the book. We did end up getting 6 squacks and a grouse.


grouse-brian-kelly by lindakaybuckley
grouse-brian-kelly, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Brian Kelly with a grouse taken in the Knott co Mountains today

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Knott Co. Ky squirrel hunt

My old Buddy Kevin Conley came by this morning for a little Pr ick eared Feist hunting. We loaded up Princess, Taz , Brownie and two pups Hedi and Knite Rider and hit the muddy trail. Had a great time and fellow ship hunting with Kevin again. Also had some fair dog work but Princess ended up with the most on the tail gate she she got the pic honors. Dogs treed several more dens and we saw 5 more we never got.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Road Hunting

Road Hunting by lindakaybuckley
Road Hunting, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Picture of our road hunting rig.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

SDH Message Board down

Been gone all day and just found that the message board was down ( Squirrel Dog Hunters). Not sure how long it has been down but we're working on trying to figure out what is going on. Hope to have it up A.S.A.P. greytail

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mountain Feist pup

Mountain Feist pup by lindakaybuckley
Mountain Feist pup, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

I enjoy getting this kind of report back from our pups and to hear they are early starters putting meat on the ground is just a bib Plus. Dusty is a Aqua X Taz pup.

Took Dusty out in the Wayne National Forest a few days ago. This is were I planned on hunting her most, but she is still getting car sick. Even after being a little sick, she really did well. We were out 3 hours, treed 7, 2 timbered to dens, I let 2 get away, and shot 3. She needs to work on her tailgate pose, but she is hunting well for 6 months


cookie-1st-coon by lindakaybuckley
cookie-1st-coon, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Got this back on the puppy report today From Doug and Sandy Owens of Wv.

Hi Jack,

Doug wanted me to send you a picture of Cookie and her first raccoon. She is a good one.

Sandi and Doug

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Buckley squirrel dogs

Buckley squirrel dogs by lindakaybuckley
Buckley squirrel dogs, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

I have been wanting to shoot a few fox squacks to my dogs so we decided to make a trip N & W of here to Magoffin county. The farm we hunted always offered fox squirrels but not today. Treed 15 times and saw 11 of them ending up with a fair tailgate but all greys.

Dog power was bad down today. I loaded up Brownie, Taz and Princess. This was the 1st time I have had Princess out since coming out of heat. Good thing I let he come too. Old Brownie was in heat. I wanted to leave her in the dog box in the back of the truck but was afraid when I come back she may be gone. So I let her ride in the pet taxi. Taz refused to hunt. He stayed right behind the Rhino ever step so I loaded his butt in another pet taxi and just hunted Princess. Well that until she ripped a toe nail in 1/2 and came up lame on us.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another pup report today from the last Aqua X Taz litter from Bill in Wv.. This makes 4 out of this litter that are aleady treeing their own squirrel and2 from this litter today reporting in with the meat.
(Well, Dusty (Aqua x Taz) finally got fur on the ground.  At exactly 6 months old.  She has probably treed a dozen over the last couple of months, but due to leaves, trees with holes, and poor shooting, this was the first we got on the ground.  We went on a couple hour hunt in the morning and only turned up one, and it went into a leaf nest.  I planned to work around the house and go again in the evening.  Dusty was out on her own, when I heard her treeing over the hill.  I grabbed the gun and went to back her up.  She had the meat, and I shot it out to her.  It still had some life in it, and bit her on the nose.  Not too bad, just enough to really make her mad.  She is tuning out to be a great dog)
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Buckley's Satan coming together

We got this report back from  Jeff Moelman of Collins Ohio today about his pup (Buckley's Satan)  out of (Aqua X Taz).
Solo hunted Satan this afternoon treed 3 quick ones only got one though. The two others were in a big 100 ft oak and I lost them. He seems to do much better solo than with another dog that's what everyone tells you and I really believe it "

Friday, October 28, 2011



ground-hog by lindakaybuckley
ground-hog, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Taz tyrees him a ground hog.


Paul Setser and buckley's Taz with groundhog.


taz--mark-10-25-11 by lindakaybuckley
taz--mark-10-25-11, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Mark and Taz.


Hunting Lake Cumberland.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

omega wanting his reward

I figured since I didn't get to hunt on my birthday that the pre-birthday hunt just wasn't going to satisfy me so I took a day after birthday hunt. Boy I sure hope Kevin don't stay mad at me too long. I called him to invite him to go hunting this morning on his only day off at 5 AM!

Omega getting his reward after a nice retrieve. If one notices these gray squirrels are rutting. Bagged a couple of real young squacks also.

Mountain Feist

Mountain Feist by lindakaybuckley
Mountain Feist, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

I wanted to rest Taz for a long hunt I have planed for him this week. Was wanting to take a few of our young females and Princess but they are in heat.
This is Browning and Omega with the meat on the gas well.

Squirrel doggin 2011

Taz-Brownie-tg-2011 by lindakaybuckley
Taz-Brownie-tg-2011, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Squirrel dogging these two old dogs was rough today hunting these KY. steep hills. They treed up in the 20's and we looked at up in the teens treeing sometimes 2 or 3 in a tree. Only shot one per tree and goot our KY limit. A nice pre-birthday gift my dogs gave me.


road-hunting-10-21-11 by lindakaybuckley
road-hunting-10-21-11, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Loaded up and ready to take off on a pre-birthday squirrel hunt.

Omega again

Brownie-omega-tg-2011 by lindakaybuckley
Brownie-omega-tg-2011, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Omega is putting it together. He's 14 months old and road hunts excellent, walk hunts,hunts good with other dogs, barks good on the tree, starting to use his nose to tree, retrieves pretty good, and split trees from the older dogs and is holding pressure. Still he's only 14 months old and has lots to improve on.

omega belly up on wood

Omega just keeps improving each hunt.

Squirrel dogin

Taz-tg-10-21-11 by lindakaybuckley
Taz-tg-10-21-11, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

Taz on a den tree.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Senatobia Mississippie New Home

John Childress, SDH member ( bonecollector) and his grand daughter drove up today from Sentobia, MS. and picked up his new Red and white erect eared Mtn. Feist puppy out of Dot and Bigun. Good luck with him John and when work lightens up a lil get on here and update us on his progress.
This is the lst pup out of this litter. There were 8 pups but I lost 2 of them the 1st 3 days of life. This was one heck of a good looking, good acting, healthy litters of pups. I would had no problem keeping anyone of them for myself. I'll miss these lil dudes.


Fiest pups new home Crossville, Tn.

Mark Landrem and his family drove up today from Crossville, Tn. and picked up their black and white male Buckley Mountain Feist pup out of Dot X Bigun. Good luck with it and keep us posted Mark.

Making memories squirrel hunting

Puppy gal had no school today so we packed us a picnic and a couple dogs then hit the woods. Here are a few pics of today's outing in Gods beautiful outdoors and i do say it was a beautiful day to be in the woods..
Em driving the Rhino.
Em checking a tree out for squirrel.
Em giving up on the look
Aqua treeing Mr. Squack

View of where we hunted today.

Beautiful day hunting blue sky and white clouds.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

New home Urania, La.

Robert Amonett of Urania, La. had his wife and daughter drive by today and pick up their new M-2 nat. bob tail Feist puppy out of Dot X Bigun.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pennsylvania Mountain Feist

Dave Mace and his brother flew down from Hegins, Pa. today and landed at the Big Sandy Airport to pick up Dave's male pup out of Dot X Bigun. I met them at the airport and had a nice visit and some lunch before they headed back to the sky with Patches. I invited Dave to the board to keep us posted on his new pup.

I got this puppy report back today from Sandy and Douge Owens of Parsons, WV. This is the 2nd pup they got from us. The other one they say made a dandy dog but got car killed. Cookie is one of the one eared wonders and This makes 3 of this litter that is reported back that are treeing their own squirrels.

Hi Jack,
Sending pics of Cookie. She is out of Boots and Taz. She is 8 months old. Such a good buddy She has treed three times but leaves are on and unabel to find anything. Not any mass so we haven't seen many squirrels. She loves the 4 wheeler and tractor and is a very good companion. She is very sweet and smart. Very obedient. We just wanted to thank you for selling her to us. We are enjoying her very much. Also wanted to tell you we were so sorry to hear about Bunny and her pups. Hope all is well with everyone else. Doug and Sandi Owens

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mountain Feist pup heading to home in N.C.

Squirrel Dog hunter member TRANGLING ( Bryon Melton) of Rockingham, N.C. drove up today and picked up his M5 nat. bob tail male mountain Feist pup out of Dot X Bigun. We had a very good visit with Bryon and expect to visit him someday for some fishing. Good luck with your pup Bryon and keep us posted on his progress.
BTW this lil dude may be a bigun clone. He topped the digital scales at 5.47 lbs. This whole litter were huge pups. The smallest one in the litter weighed in at 4.67lbs. They were 6 weeks old yesterday.

Elizabethton, TN

Lori and Terry Trivett of Elizabethton, TN. drove up this morning and picked up their F1 tri colored , nat bob tail female Mountain Feist pup out of Dot X Bigun this morning. The Trivetts say they're going to hunt both squirrel and bear with this lil gal.

Buckley Mountain Feist (Speck)

Meet Speck out of Stubby X Puggsy. Em decided to keep him for our keenel. Speck is 14 weeks old.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Loaded up Omega, Bigun, Zoey and Aqua 10-6-11 for a little hunting. They treed 7 times , I saw 2 fired 1 shot and come on with no meat.
1st Pic of Lil Zoey. She don't get to go hunting much but man she's a tree dog. Just about has to tree I reckon being out of Lucy X Slick. Take A dog out of the cross and breed it to anything and it'll tree squirrel.
Omega's momma Aqua and Zoey tag teaming another squirrel in a den tree.
Omega thought he would go in after the squack.
A short video of Zoey  telling on a old squack in a big beech tree.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is Dot X Bigun pups today at 5 1/2 weeks old. Got to thinking today and these pups are Taz bro and sisters. They aren't full bro and sis but more than 1/2. Taz is out of Dot X Slick. These pups are out of Dot and Bigun. Bigun is a pup out of Slick himself. Some of the pups will start heading to their new homes this week end so I thought I would post a new pic. They are growing and changing their looks daily.
 We've had several phone calls and emails but M-3 and M-6 is still available.
Had a decent hunt today all but the tailgate. Taz treed 21 times I saw 5 shot twice and killed 2. Taz sure has a advantage treeing these squirrel laid up in the tops of the tall trees cutting with his winding ability.

Taz is showing Knight-Rider his 4 month old son how its done.
Taz always likes to take his pic with the meat.
Taz making sure his master won't get bit before bringing him the squirrel.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Squirrel dog hunting

Squirrel dog hunting by lindakaybuckley
Squirrel dog hunting, a photo by lindakaybuckley on Flickr.

buckleys Taz and buckleys Princess on the big rock for a eary season hunt.

New Chat Room and message Board

We have a new site up and running. It is a message board and has a nice chat room as well. Everyone is welcome to come join. Just register and start posting your own post and pics of your dogs and hunts. Everyone is welcome to come share your dogs and hunts. So click the link and join us.

Mountain Feist treeing squacks