Monday, November 29, 2010

Hunting Ky Squirrel dogs

David Large ( banjerman) from southern Ohio comes down and bring his Little Babs" yellow mtn Copper X Buckley's Bunny" and took a hunt with us today. We had a decent hunt I guess even after the bad luck we ran into. Starting off Dave was to be here around 8 AM. But he got down to about Larence Co and a warning light came on on his truck. So it takes it back home and traded trucks and switched dog box over and comes on down. So we loaded the Rhino on the trailer and took off. we hunted about 30 min. when I realized the Rhino was low on gas. So we come out of the woods , loaded the rhino back on the trailer and pulled it to the gas station and filled her up. So now we were ready to hunt. The dogs treed 18 times, we looked at 10 and killed 6. Some how we managed to lose one. Oh yea we got bird dogs too. See the big ruffed grouse Banjerman shot.

In the pic is Bangerman, Taz and Babs. We also found a big biull elk that looked to be sick. Maybe bangermaa will post a pic of him. Coming out we saw a herd of elk. Looked to be 30 or more in it

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Mountain Feist treeing squacks