Monday, November 29, 2010

Hunting Ky Squirrel dogs

David Large ( banjerman) from southern Ohio comes down and bring his Little Babs" yellow mtn Copper X Buckley's Bunny" and took a hunt with us today. We had a decent hunt I guess even after the bad luck we ran into. Starting off Dave was to be here around 8 AM. But he got down to about Larence Co and a warning light came on on his truck. So it takes it back home and traded trucks and switched dog box over and comes on down. So we loaded the Rhino on the trailer and took off. we hunted about 30 min. when I realized the Rhino was low on gas. So we come out of the woods , loaded the rhino back on the trailer and pulled it to the gas station and filled her up. So now we were ready to hunt. The dogs treed 18 times, we looked at 10 and killed 6. Some how we managed to lose one. Oh yea we got bird dogs too. See the big ruffed grouse Banjerman shot.

In the pic is Bangerman, Taz and Babs. We also found a big biull elk that looked to be sick. Maybe bangermaa will post a pic of him. Coming out we saw a herd of elk. Looked to be 30 or more in it

Mountain Feist Kennels

Reort from Littlejohn .
Took Seven (Joe Black X Buckley's Princess) for an hour round early this morning. He treed four time, two were dens, but the other two trees we found the squirrels outside. Thanks for taking a look

Sunday, November 28, 2010

KY Mountain Feist Breeder

Joe Reynolds (SDH member Peterbilt1) and his wife from Owingsville, KY drove down this morning and picked up their new natural bob tail black and white Mountain Feist puppy out LT X TAZ.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tennessee Mountain Feist

Justice Cornett ( Sqack ) from Marville, TN drove up today and picked up his new male Mountain Feist pup (LT X TAZ). This lil dude is a nice pup with a natural bob tail. He weighed 5 lb 15 oz. today.

Friday, November 26, 2010

How to train a squirrel dog

This is two pups I sold Donnie & Penny Arnold of Rogersville TN. Ace( 5 months) the Black and white pup( Bunny X Bigun) and Taboo (7 weeks) the white and lemon pup ( Mugsy X Bigun).
I am asked all the time how old does a Buckley Mountain Feist pup need to be to start hunting it. My answer is always start hunting it from time it gets in its mommas belly. Lay it up about 8 weeks after its born and start hunting it again. The ARONALDS are doing just this. They are exposing these pups to game and woods time on a regular basis. I will be very surprised if the Arnold's don't end up with a couple squack machines out of these two. Keep up the good work Donnie

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving whitetail buck

This is Sterling Earheart's son Jason and daughter Abbie of MtJuliet TN, after Jason harvested this nice local buck. This deer looks to score in the 130/140 range.

Kentucky Mountain Feist Kennels

Billy Joe Bentley and his nephew from Letcher County KY. drove over this morning and picked up their new Mountain Feist puppy out of LT & TAZ.
Good luck with him Bill and keep us posted on his progress.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tennessee Mountain Feist Squirrel dog

Meet Taboo. A Buckley Mountain Feist belonging to Penny Arnold of Rogersvill, TN. One has to truly appreciate it being a mountain Feist breeder and getting a pup in the hands of someone that will work with it and expose it to game. That is what's being done with this pup. At 7 weeks old it's getting woods tiem and it sure looks like she likes the taste of a squirrel.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Georgia mountain Feist Georgia Squirrel dogs

Jennings Ivester and his family from Young Harris, Ga. Drove up to London, KY last evening and spent the night. They rolled in here about 9 AM to pick up their Black and white natural bob tail female pup out of LT X TAZ. This makes 6 pups Jenneings and his brother have got from our kennel. We want to thank him very much for choosing dogs from our kennel.
Also thank you very much Jennings for the nice gift. I really like blueberries. When I make it down your way I will need to put in a advanced order for more of that stuff. You keep a eye on the mail truck because I''m sending you a gift back this week. Jack

Friday, November 19, 2010

Southern Squirrel dog

Meet Ace. A, 5 month old Buckley Mountain Feist with a squirrel he treed today.The good part is this isn't the 1st one he has treed.
Keep up the good work with him Donnie Aronald of Rogersville TN.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mountain feist Breeder

Brandon Fouts of here in Knot County droped in this morning to pick up his new female pup out of Mugsy X Bigun. She was the runt of the litter and everone that saw her fell in love with this lil gal.
This makes the 2nd pup Randy has got from our kennel this year. Last was a male out of Snowflake X Taz.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mountain Feist Breeder

Bill O'Brian of Culpeper, Va drove up to out Mountain Feist Kennels and picked up his Woodpup out of Mugsy & Bigun.

Mountain Feist pups for sale

Don Aronald and family drove up from Rogersville TN and picked up his female Mountain Feist pup out of Mugsy and Bigun.


Originally uploaded by lindakaybuckley

I got this report back From Godwin Spivey of Windsor N.C. and his Buckley Mountain Feist out of Lt & Taz. Godwin is a new member to squirrel dog hunters.
Jack, Here are a few pictures of Chester at seven and one half months.He is 29 lbs. He treed his first squirrel last Friday morning and second saturday afternoon. When I got to the tree he wanted to leave, called him back and shot the squirrel out.Gave him his reward as you can see he liked it! Also put a picture shows my little female's looking out of the box. She is in heat now. Cooked some shrimp and soft shell crabs saturday night, thought about you!


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I got this report back from Thomas Ellis of Penningtongap, Va, and a pic of his Buckley Mountain Feist Psalms 91 out of Bunny & Bigun..
Good Morning to you Jack,

I hope that this finds you and your family well. How are the squirrels your way? Here in Va where I hunt they are very limited right now, plenty of mast but hardly any squirrels around. I hear that in the next county up from me that they are covered up with them. I am working on getting some places to go in that county right now but with deer season being in that stops me cold for now. I have attached some pic's of Psalms 91, he is doing great for the limited amount of squirrels and me having a hard time getting off of work to get in to the woods. But every time that I take him out, I see such an improvement in him. I was also wondering, I am interested in looking for a young started Buckley Mtn Feist female that is not in the same line as Psalms and I know that you told me that from time to time that you work with some of your pups and then sell them later on. IF you have one or know that you will have one coming up please keep me in mind about this. Thank you for such a Great Breed of hunting dog. Have a Great day.

Thanks again
Thomas Ellis

Roger & Jeff tailgate

Sterling and I just returned from a squirrel hunting trip up in Northern Ohio. As you can see, we had a good hunt. In the second & third pictue we're holding Seven, Cinders, Lacy & Hickory (all are Buckley bred dogs except for Hickory who is McAndrews/Galla Creek bred). Second Picture is me and Jeff Molehlman on the right, the third picture is Sterling with Jeff.
The dogs treed numerious times, we knocked out 13 big reds to them.
Sterling and I will probably never have this kind of hunt with big reds again, because we just don't have that many down was a memorable hunt and Jeff and his wife Jodi treated us like we had money or something :-)
Hope you enjoy the pics

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Princess on the hood

This is princess this evening. She treed 11 times and I saw 9 of them and got 5

Thursday, November 11, 2010

squirrel dog tail gate pic

This after noon we loaded up some big guns and hit the dusty trail for a lil facs and furious action. We loaded up Brownie, Taz and Bigun. Bigun isn't in the picture because he would keep jumping off the hood.

Not sure how many trees we had but several. Not sure how many squacks we saw but several. Not sure how many we shot at and missed, but several. I do know when the smoke settled we had 11 gray squirrels in the bed of the rhino.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Princess with a KY limit

Princess is a Kentucky Buckley Mountain Feist. She isn't doing too bad for a dog that wasn't hunted until she was 2 years old.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hunting squirrels in the KY mountains.

Man these hills even are tough on a young man.

Treeing Feist

Treeing Feist
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My son-in-law Nathan and me loaded up Taz and Princess and hit the woods this afternoon. Dogs done great and treed many, saw many and knocked out 11. Treed 6 up one tree and took 1, treed 4 up another three and took 1, treed 3 up 3 trees and only took 1 per tree. We haven hunted this spot in 2 years. This is the 1st hunt we ever took on this farm we didn't get our limit.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Short Clip of the Buckley girls below.


Buckley girls

Buckley girls
Originally uploaded by lindakaybuckley
These Buckley Mountain feist girls are doing the job up in Ohio. I got this pic & report today from Jeff.

Did pretty good for getting started late got 8 treed around 20 lost count. They averaged 2-1/4 lbs must have been senior citizens day for the squaks!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Em road hunting

Em road hunting
Originally uploaded by lindakaybuckley
Em doing the driving while the dogs are doing the hunting and me doing the shooting.

Buckley Mountain Feist

Jack, you would have been proud of these two yesterday. I hunted the two Buckley squirrel dogs and had a good day. Hunted them solo. Jeb treed six that I saw. Two timbered into big trees with alot of leaves didn't look too long because I already had three in the bag,I put him up when we got four in the bag.
Then I took Lou and she treed six also, two timbered out the other side of the tree and couldn't get a shot and they made it to dens But I did knock four out to her too.
It was dark when I got in so I put the squirrels in the fridge so I could get a picture today.

Father and son hunt

Father and son hunt
Originally uploaded by lindakaybuckley

Drew wanted me to take off this morning and go squirrel hunting with him. I'm glad I did. Seven (Joe Black X Buckley's Princess) was on his game this morning. He treed 8 or 9 times with a couple of them being dens, we couldn't fine some of them because of the leaves, but we did end up with four. Drew's shooting skill exceeds his fathers :-) Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Squirrel hunting with dogs

Our oldest son "Drew" came in from Ft. Benning, GA. this afternoon and wanted to go squirrel hunting. So we hooked up with Sterling aka "Cappieman" and hunted an area around Priest lake. The dogs (Sam & Smarty) treed several times, we saw three, knocked two out. Sterling is holding our only fox squirrel and Drew is holding Pretty Boy Smarty. Drew is going to be in for a few days. I hope he has time to join us for some additional hunts while he's home.

Buckley bred Mountain Feist

Evening Jack:

Got in a little early this evening, loaded up Seven & Smarty and headed to the woods. Dropped Seven and he treed three times, saw two and got them, one tree was a big cedar den, I could hear the squirrel but couldn't get him to run out. Loaded up and moved about a mile and dropped Smarty. Sun was almost down but he did tree once on a big Oak out about 150 yards, but I couldn't find the meat. Still a lot of leaves. Ran into Crappieman who was hunting Louann. He had knocked out one to her and said she was hunting good. Here's a quick cell phone picture.


Tn Mtn Feist

Tn Mtn Feist
Originally uploaded by lindakaybuckley
Good Morning Jack:

I really didn't have going squirrel hunt'n on my mind this morning....I was headed to the dump, but had Seven with me. It's juvenile muzzleloader this weekend so I figured the woods would be full of young sportsmen :-) Happened to drive by a place I hunt sometimes that is a long & narrow strip of woods between the lake and a line of houses and no one was parked there. Decided to drop Seven for a few minutes primarily for the exercise. To make a long story longer, he ended up treeing five times, saw two, shot one. The three other trees he made were too close to the houses for me to hunt and shoot, so I had to go in and lead him off those trees.


mountain feist squirrel dog

Pat Evans of Heidrick, KY Nucky dog BLAZE.

Pretty decent hunt this morning. Made 7 trees saw 6 and killed 4. Still too dry but it was 29 degrees so it finally felt like huntin weather. Pat

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Mountain Feist treeing squacks