Friday, October 15, 2010

More squirrel dogs getting her done

Roger Littlejohn and Sterlin Earheart og MtJuliet Ten sends me thhese pics and their hunt today.

Good Morning Jack:

Sterling and I hunted one of the Islands Thursday afternoon with Buckley's Seven (Joe Black X Princess) and Buckley's Jeb (Bigun X Bunny). The boys made numerous trees but we only found two and Sterling (Dead Eye) knocked both of them out. Still a lot of leaves on the trees.

This Friday morning we went to a different island with Buckley's Seven and Sterling's Sam (Cody Bred). In addition to the leaves, we had a little wind to deal with this morning but Seven & Sam made several trees. We saw four and was able to knock three down to the pups. Even though we had a little rain this week, the woods are still awful dry. Scattered frost is expected Saturday morning.

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