Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Squirrel hunting with dogs


Sterling and I loaded up Seven & Jeb and headed to one of the islands on Percy Priest Lake. The boys covered every inch of the island with them long legs, treed several times, we saw five, knocked one out, poked one out with a stick and the boys caught one on their own.

In one picture Sterling is giving Seven & Jeb some squirrel treats.
The second picture is of a small sasafrass tree that had a hole near the bottom, the boys treed a squirrel in it so we broke the den over and pried the squirrel up enough with a stick for Jeb to get it by the tail and sling it out. After a quick chase the boys stretched it out. The third picture is Sterling holding a big old fox squirrel Jeb had treed. We don't find may of the Big Reds around here.


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Mountain Feist treeing squacks