Monday, October 25, 2010

Dog timbering squirrel

Dog timbering squirrel
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Taz had this squirrel treed and I was viedoing but had to stop, put the camera in the pocket and shoot squirrel while it was timbering.

Squirrel dog tailgate picture

Went between rain storms today for a hours hunt with Taz. He treed 4 and I shot 2 out to him.

retrieving squirrel dog

Squirrel dog viedo of Taz brining a shot squirrel back to me today.

Tennessee Mountain Feist

I got this great pic and report back from Dwight Copas of his daughter Kaylie and her pup Raz ( Bunny X Bigun) on the tailgate. It makes me so happy seeing these kids hunting our dogs. Thanks for the pic Dwight and wish you and your daughter many memorable hunts with Raz.

Hi Jack!
Been taking Razz to the woods. Have a few more squirrels now, but lots of leaves still on trees and very dry here in Macon County Tennessee. Have made a few trees this week but lots of nest and den trees. Did make one tailgate picture though Saturday(10-23-2010) on morning hunt.
I will try to attach picture of Kaylie and Razz with squirrel.
Dwight Copas
Red Boiling Springs

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday gift 2

Birthday gift 2
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I had a birthday a couple days ago and just now getting around to post a couple gifts my lovely daughters got me this year..
My older daughter got me this nice picture and frame to hang in my dog house.
Thank you girls for the nice gifts.

Birthday gift

Birthday gift
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Em got me this Nightlight hunting vest for my birthday!!!!!!!!

Squirrel dog treeing

Evening Jack:
Sterling and I made a short run this morning to one of the islands and hunted a couple hours. Treed six times, saw two, killed two. Still awful dry down here. Made these pictures of Seven at one of the trees and Sterling's little Cody bred dog Sam. Hopefully the rain will move in here tomorrow for a few days and help the squirrel hunting along.

Squirrel hunting with dogs

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Jack, had a decent hunt this morning with a good friend, David Warren and his son Jaxon. Still way to dry and the dog work wasn't perfect, but we manged to take 5 and let one get away on 10 trees.Pat

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Em road hunting

Em road hunting
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Em doing the driving during one of our road hunts.

Ky mountain fiest

Ky mountain fiest
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I got this from Pat Evans about his Taz X LT dog.

Took blaze and my son Cody out this evening and took 3 on 5 trees. Jack, Blaze has started a bad habit, he gives about 6 to 10 tree barks and then shuts up. If I go to him, he will sometimes mark the tree and sometimes not, but he is not barking after those initial tree barks. Have you ever had one start this? Is it because of the thick leaves or hot weather? He will tree every squirrel in the woods, but his treeing is getting worse. I would just wait him out, but he will just leave if I don't go in to him. Any advice?

Ohio Mountain Feist Kennels

I got this from Jeff and his dogs in Ohio.

Went this morning treed 5 saw 0 Tall timber alot of nests and leaves. They hunted hard though they like their trade I guess!! See ya been killing some down there.

Squirrel dog reward

Squirrel dog reward
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IB giving Copper his treat for a job well done.

fall colors

fall colors
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We still have too many leaves on the trees making it very difficult to spot these wild little gray squirrels laying up there hiding out.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Squirrel hunting in KY

What a way to spend a birthday. IB took his 2 dogs Copper and Annie andI took Aqua and Taz. We treed 22 times today and shot 4 out to the dogs.
In about 2 weeks things will be different when the leaves are mostly gone.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mountain Feist Kennels

Hunt with Princess this morning. Treed 6 saw 6 shot out 4 to her.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IB field dressing a squirrel for Taz and Annie

IB field dressing a squirrel for Taz

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Hunting with squirrel dogs

IB Aniie
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I got the opportunity to go hunting this morning with my good friend IB Ritchie. I Loaded up Taz and Princess and Picked up IB. He loaded up Copper and Annie and we hit the trail. It started off fast and furious in the early morning but slowed dog as the wind picked up. But it was a great day to be in the great woods hunting.

We ran into a couple guys from Odham County Elk hunting and several people out riding ATV's. The dogs ended up treeing 18 times, we looked at 10 and shot out 5 to the dogs. Here is some pics of IB and the dogs.

Ky Mtn Feist first hunt

Loaded up Princess to take for a short run in the woods and here comes Ems little pup Omega begging to go. Princess treed 3 saw 2 and shot 1. Omega likes the tase of squack.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Training pup on park squirrels.

Got this Video from Donnie Aronld of Rogersville TN today wroing his 4 month old Ace pup out of Bunny and Bigin on park squirrels. He's looking good Donnie.

Hey, Jack i finally got a video of Ace putting one up a tree. Bear with me its my frist time.....but boy dont he LOOK good! Hes tring to put it togeather a little now.Let me now what you think !!!!!!!!

Squirrel dog retrieve

Squirrel dog retrieve
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Little Aqua retrieving another squirrel out of a place I would have hated to have to gone after it. STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN CLIFF and in th creek.
I loaded up Taz Aqua and Princess this morning and took them hunting. They treed 8 times and I sa4 4 and shot 3 out to the dogs. Aqua made a great bring back to me and Taz brought the other 2 back.

I got these pictures and report back from MARK DANOS and his pups out of the last litter from LT X TAZ. Good going Mark. Tell SAM hi and that she has her pups looking great. Jack





Fall Squirrel hunting with dogs


Sterling and I loaded up Seven & Jeb and headed to one of the islands on Percy Priest Lake. The boys covered every inch of the island with them long legs, treed several times, we saw five, knocked one out, poked one out with a stick and the boys caught one on their own.

In one picture Sterling is giving Seven & Jeb some squirrel treats.
The second picture is of a small sasafrass tree that had a hole near the bottom, the boys treed a squirrel in it so we broke the den over and pried the squirrel up enough with a stick for Jeb to get it by the tail and sling it out. After a quick chase the boys stretched it out. The third picture is Sterling holding a big old fox squirrel Jeb had treed. We don't find may of the Big Reds around here.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mountain Feist treeing a squirrel

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Mountain Feist treeing a squirrel
Em and me loaded up Bigun and roaded hom for about a hour. He treed 3 times and i saw one of them timbering but mever got a shot. Click on the clip to watch Bigun letting it rip.

Pugsy and Bigun fall pups

4 days old today.

LT Taz fall pups

13 days old today

Natural squirrel dog

Natural squirrel dog
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I got this picture and Report back from Jennings Ivester of Young Harris Ga today from his young Tucker dog out of Pumpgun & Dot. Jeenings says he is a natural tree dog. Says Tucker treed 4 yesterday morning and they got 2 of them. Said Tucker also almost got him a hog. WHEW that would have been exciting. Keep the pics, video and hunting srories coming Jennings.Jack
Click here to see Tucker in action
I got these pics of another one of Jeffs hunts. Keep after them Jeff and keep srnding us your pics and hunting stories to share..
Only had about a half hour to go last night got 1 and I actually missed one don't have my new scope quite dialed in yet I guess! Couldn't be me!

Friday, October 15, 2010

More squirrel dogs getting her done

Roger Littlejohn and Sterlin Earheart og MtJuliet Ten sends me thhese pics and their hunt today.

Good Morning Jack:

Sterling and I hunted one of the Islands Thursday afternoon with Buckley's Seven (Joe Black X Princess) and Buckley's Jeb (Bigun X Bunny). The boys made numerous trees but we only found two and Sterling (Dead Eye) knocked both of them out. Still a lot of leaves on the trees.

This Friday morning we went to a different island with Buckley's Seven and Sterling's Sam (Cody Bred). In addition to the leaves, we had a little wind to deal with this morning but Seven & Sam made several trees. We saw four and was able to knock three down to the pups. Even though we had a little rain this week, the woods are still awful dry. Scattered frost is expected Saturday morning.

Another squirrel hunt today

Well I come back home and had lunch and droped Princess off in the kennels.  Keep Taz and Fruity in the box. Then loaded up Bigun, Snowflake and Stubby and hit the woods again. Dropped Bigun and Stubby and they treed 3 times and I saw 1 of them but no shot. Anothe daarn bech tree.
Loaded these 3 back in the dog box and dropped Taz, and Stubby again. They treed 5 times and I saw for of them. Got of one shot and killed it. One ran in another old beech den and saw two run in the same hole in a old red oak den. Loaded them up and wnet to another spot and dropped all the dogs off. Taz and Bigun jacked her up, uncaped their headers and mounted their slicks and went to drag racing. Just can't hunt these two 1/2 broths togethr. Thy are 4  s old and still try to out do eaach oth like pups w huntetogethr. Thee tre thy we ove700 yds and treed Now this may inpress some but it burnt me up. There is no reason for a dog bee line and tree 800 yds. and watch them buzz through good hunting.
 This ended up being my bet y of the season even though I just got 1 for the tailgate. All togther they tree 13 times today  and I saw 6 squirrels. Never got many pics or good viedo because I forgot to charge my cam.

A little squirrel dog action

I loaded up Taz and Princes this morning and dropped them off in the woods. It was a terrible morning with wind blowing like crazy. But after the drought been having this fall and the small rain I thought I would give it a try. Taz treed 1st time out about 85 yd's in front of the Rhino. I thought I would just let him tree a while and take my time getting to him. So I got the 870 off the Rhino and put a shell in it. About that time I head Taz hammering closer. I looked and he was about 35 yd's from me timbering the squack. I sot at the squirrel just as it was twisting into a hole.

I hunted another 45 min. and Princess treed one in a big den beech tree. The wind has died down some what. I may load up a couple different dogs and drop them off for about a hour.
Priness  wannted thiss  squirrel really bad.

Started Squirrel dog

Jeff Moehlman of Ohio sends me this picture of his young dog Cinders out of Dot & Pumpgun,

Did like what you said being you are the squak guru!!! Cinders treed 3 tonight after work almost caught the first one on the ground I saw her flying through the woods right behind it by the time I got close I saw it timber into a nest. Second one I hit but it got to a hole that was real close. Third one was another nest it was almost dark she don't bark much but when you see her doing this there's meat above!! She's a huntin machine always looking and listening!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ace Tennessee mountain feist pup

Donnie Aronld of Rogersville, Tn sends me this pic of is beautiful 4 month old pup out of Bigun X Bunny.

Jack,here are some pics of Ace....Sorry the ones with the squirrel arent good. He's hard to take a picture of when he's having fun!!!!!!!!

Feist squirrel dog kennels

Lt X Taz pups born 10-13-10. All black and white, 1 female and 3 males.......

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here is a new picture of the Pugsy X Bigun pups born 10-04-10. All 3 are females. Check out the prick ears already on these little gals..

Also Lt X Taz pups are here. They came this morning 10-13-10. Only 4 in this litter, 3 males, 1 female all white whith black trim. I will post a pic in a couple days. That is when I will check sex and doc tails.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Bull Elk 7 X 7

Way to go Robbie. My lil hunting buddy and next door neighbor Robie Noble guided this fellow in on this big Knott County Bull Elk. He is a nice 7 X 7 and may be the new state record I'm hearing.
 This makes Robies snd Bull kill this season. And its only been in a week.

New Chat Room and message Board

We have a new site up and running. It is a message board and has a nice chat room as well. Everyone is welcome to come join. Just register and start posting your own post and pics of your dogs and hunts. Everyone is welcome to come share your dogs and hunts. So click the link and join us.

Mountain Feist treeing squacks