Sunday, September 5, 2010

TN squirrel dogs

TN squirrel dogs
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Got this pic and report back From Roger LittleJohn today. This really makes me proud seeing others enjoy their dogs they got from us.
I would like you say thank you Roger and Sterling for doing your part taking your pups to the woods so they would become what they were bred for. Jack
Sterling and I took Jeb & Seven for a short round this morning and hunted each one of them solo. It was Jeb's first hunt of this year's squirrel season. He treed twice with the first tree having two squirrels in it. Nothing like starting the season with a double hit :-) Jeb finished his round with two trees and three squirrels.
We put Jeb up and let Seven have a little fun. Seven treed twice with the meat both times.
We finished up our 2 hour morning hunt with a total of 5 squirrels (4 grays & 1 fox squirrels) all males.
Hope you enjoy the tailgate picture.

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