Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tennessee squirrel hunting

Tennessee squirrel hunting
I got the next two pictures and hunting story from Roger Littlejohn and his hunting buddy Sterling Earheart of TN. today.
If you guys out there hunting these Buckley dogs enjoy seeing these pics and reading others hunting stories Email me yours and I'll post them here on the BLOG. JACK.

Good Morning Jack:

Sterling and I took the Buckley Boys for an early morning round today. Hunting them solo, first out of the box was Buckley's Jeb (Bigun X Bunny). After a brief encounter with a couple of yotes, Jeb treed twice and had the meat on both trees. We ended Jeb's round on a high note and broke out Buckley's Ol #7. Seven's first tree was a den, but it didn't take him long to tree twice more and we found the mean on both of those trees. In about two hours we hunted both dogs, treed 5 times, shoot 4 male squacks.

In the first picture is Sterling with one of Jeb's squirrels, about to give Jeb a couple of Squack Treats :-)

In the second picture, Sterling is holding the Buckley Boys (Jeb on left & Seven on right) in front of their Squack pile.

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