Thursday, August 5, 2010

Texas mountain feist california mountain feist texas squirrel dogs

Been a busy week here at our kennels and today was no exception. First Eric Vanderpool of gunlock Kentucky dropped by for a visit talking and looking at our dogs. While Eric was here he booked a pup and as he was leaving Gerry Green and family drove out from Denton Texas and picked up his breeding pair of Mountain Feist pups today. His youngest son on the left is holding their Natural Bob tail female out of Zoey X Joe Black. His wife is holding their male pup out of Bunny X Bigun.
While here they picked up another Zoey X Joe Black pup heading for Northern California. They are giving it a ride foe George A. Palmer II of Guido California.
Really enjoyed the visit Gerry . You guys have a safe trip home and keep us posted on your pups progress. You too George.
Shortly after Gerry left Doug and sorry Doug I forgot your last name drove up from Saint Augustine Florida looking at out dogs. He took several pics to take back home to his dad to look over before booking a pup.

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