Sunday, August 29, 2010

Southern Squirrel dog

Originally uploaded by lindakaybuckley
This picture is from today, August 29th...This is Buckley's Ol #7 (Joe Black & Buckley's Princess), with his first squirrel of the 2010 season. I was proud of Seven this morning, he treed 4 times, good strong mouth on him, stayed put at all four trees until I could get to him, I saw three of them, shot at two of them, killed one of looks like my shooting ability is picking up right where it left off last season :-) The squirrel that got away cost me 2.00 or 3.00 dollars worth of fresh powder & shot :-) I'd had a better tailgate picture this morning if Crappieman (Ol Dead Eye) had been with me but he had a fishing tournment scheduled.
If the first morning with Seven is any indication, that "Long Legged Pricked Eared Rascal" is going to make me lose a few pounds this fall :-) Hope you enjoy the picture.


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