Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seven on the wood

Seven on the wood
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Lots of people don't understand the importance of spring training for their pup. There are lots out there with the mindset that when season goes out and they can no longer kill squirrels to their pup it's time to kennel him up until the next season. I found this to be very be very damaging to the pup. One needs to continue getting him out and working on obedience and put him in the woods where squirrels are. Even if its short walks and he only comes in contact with a squirrel or two keep taking him to the woods.
It will pay off for you just as it is for Roger Littlejohn and his young pup Seven. Roger sends me this pic and report from Seven this morning. Keep up the good work with Seven and it'll pay dividends in squack seasons to come. Jack

Good Morning Jack:
Took Seven over to Cedars of Lebanon for a short run this morning before the rain set in. He treed a couple, one out about 150 yards and the second was out a little over 300 yards. He got to timber the second one for quite a distance before it hit a den tree. Cedars is a tough place to tree one of these little wild grays and expect to find him sit'n on the outside by the time you get there. I have included a picture to demonstrate what I'm talking about. Every other tree has a hole in it and the squirrels know where every one of them are :-)
You're boys doing good....I proud of his progress

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