Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ohio squirrel dogs

Jeff from up in Collins Ohio sends me this pic and clip of his two Buckley Mountain Feist Squirrel dogs.
The girls put our local squak up a tree this morning and it decided to timber on them then it fell out of a tree and almost hit Cinders on the head. Boy that started some fireworks thank god for all that snow or Cinders would have put a hurt on that squak. I sent a video of them treeing the squak you can see at the end when the squak starts to timber. I got a pic. of the squak right before it fell, then they stuck to the new tree for 20 min. until I called them in the house. They are all jacked up now they won't sit still.
Check out the squirrel timbering.

squirrel timbering
Originally uploaded by lindakaybuckley


  1. Hey Jack, that Jeff sure does have some good looking dogs. He seems to be like me, loves to train 'em. They're a lot of fun, maybe one day we can all get together and hunt.

  2. Yea Jennings Jeff is doing a fine job with the training of his pups. I'm all for us all getting together sometime for a good hunt. Maybe up Jeff's way. He has all FAT land and FOX squirrels to hunt!


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Mountain Feist treeing squacks