Monday, February 22, 2010

Georgia squirrel dog

Georgia squirrel dog
Originally uploaded by lindakaybuckley
I got this report back today from Jennings Ivester from Young Harris Georgia and his 5 month old pup Tucker out of DOT & PUMPGUN. Jennings and his brother have 3 pups from out keenel with Tucker being the oldest..
I took Tucker hunting on Saturday around a cornfield. He treed his first squirrel but I didn't get a video of the hunt although when we got home he spotted one over our corn feeder and this is the video.
Cricket is doing well. She and Tucker were glad to see the warm sunshine the last two days and took full advantage of it, as did I.


  1. I tell you what Jennings I liked that BIG MUCH!!! You got a very tree minded. Keep him in the woods.
    Thanks for the update and clip. Jack

  2. Ya i kinda wish it was the starting of hunting season instead of the end of it.


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