Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cookie monster

cookie monster
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Below is a report we got this morning we back from Chuck Barger of Lexington N.C. and his Cookie pup we sold him. This is the kind of reports we like getting back from our 8 1/2 month old pups..... Thank you Chuck for the pica and giving this pup the chance to do what she was bred to do. Jack
Jack - Back from the Tar Heel state with good news!!.. I am convinced I
need to change my dogs name to Cookie (MONSTER) because she has become
just that, gobbling up every squack in her path. Took her out Monday
after work and she treed 7 and I managed to get these four before they
got gone, in just an hour and a half, and she was putting on a show
that would make anyone proud...hustle, accuracy, stay put tree dog
equals MEAT!....Thanks again, Chuck Barger, Lexington NC


  1. That's get'n it done...what these Pricked Eared pups are bred to do

  2. They are pups out of Aqua & Taz............


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