Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mississippi Sqirrrel dog

Have been hunting Jaz and Jack Black. They are both showing alot of interest. Both are looking up the tree and are starting to bark. Today they caught and killed a squirrel. They were very impressive and i am very proud of their progress. Just starting to hunt regular because our deer and duck seasons are coming to a close so now its squirrel time for me. I will sent some pictures soon I meant to get some today but dark caught me. I didnt want to stop hunting.We actually treed three. We lost one, the dogs caught one, and i shot one out to them. It was a great hunt for my young dogs.

Tyler Murphy

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  1. I am trying to locate a mountain feist for my father. He bought one from a man in Mississippi back in 2008 and can't remember where. His dog was run over by a crazy driver and he has been very upset. I hope to find him another. Please contact me at or 228-627-8017 if you can be of any help.

    Samantha Hebert


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Mountain Feist treeing squacks