Monday, September 14, 2009


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Roger writes
Took my Buckley pup "Seven" (Joe Black X Buckley's Princess) out for an early morning round and he made his first solo tree. The squirrel timbered on him for a good 50 yards before hitting a big Cedar den tree, but Seven stayed right with him, barking every step. Hope you enjoy these cell phone pictures. Hunting Seven with Crappieman's Buckley dogs last weekend got him all fired up


  1. Hey Rodger,
    We are very excited about this young man 7 you have. Even though he is a full outcross he looks very much like our Buckley dogs. If you look at Biguns page you will find a picture of him on the wood and he and Seven look like twins. Seven also looks like his grand pap SLICK and great great, , great, great grand sire Skeeter. Skeeter was one of the if not the best squirrel dog I ever followed behind in the woods.
    Keep up the good work with Seven and we may hit you up to introduce him to one of our females someday.

  2. Hopefully, Seven will turn out to be a good tree dog. You did your homework in making this cross, that's for sure. He's bred right. If he turns out to be good enough for you to want to breed back to him "that's a real compliment" in my book. Me and Crappieman will keep working with him on this end.


  3. He sure looks like a real go gitter! Looks good on that tree too!



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