Monday, September 14, 2009

Brown Sugar

Em has temporarily named this little gal Feist puppy BROWN SUGAR. She will heading to Texas in a few weeks to her new home….

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  1. We adopted a beautiful little Mt. Feist pup from a rescue shelter here in NJ. We named her Shadow. We have loved all of our dogs (mutts!), but she is the smartest, best behaved dog we have ever owned (and she is only 4.5 mo. old!). She looks exactly like your brown sugar pup here! The paper work that came with her says she is a mix, but she is sooo faithful to every description of a Mt. Feist I have read, I think she may be a full breed. No one in NJ. (us included) had ever heard of a Mt. Feist, but we are recommending the breed to anyone who asks. We live in a rural area so she has lots of room to run around, and even though we do not hunt, we give her lots of love and play time.


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