Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We got this puppy report back from Bill Richardson about his GUNNER Fiest pup put of Bunny & Biggun. Looks like at 22.7 lbs at 4 months old he to is going to be a BIGUN!
Hey Jack , want to give you an update on Gunner. Had him to the Vet yesterday , got his shots and stuff, he weighed in at 22.7 lbs. he's just 4 months and still has a lot of leg under him to grow into. I also wanted to send you a pic of my tomato plants. I have 2 plants in an can find them on line. Both plants are over 9 ft tall and have 50 tomatoes between the two and still blooming. I saw your pic of the blackberries, we've picked 2 gal. in the last two weeks. this has been a very good year for berries, most of them were as big as the end of your thumb.

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