Wednesday, July 1, 2009


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Gunner is a pup out of Buckley's Bunny X Buckley's Bigun that I let Bill Richardson in Ohio have a few weeks back. Bill sent me this pic and writes;
Hey Jack, I've been meaning to drop you a line. Gunner is doing fine now but its been a tough month. At 8 weeks old my 14 year old Black Lab bit Gunner over a dog treat. I couldn't believe it because they had been sleeping and playing together for a couple of weeks. It wasn't much of a bite , it never broke the skin but the pressure from the bite popped Gunners right eye out of the socket. Luckily our vet is only a couple miles away and we got him treatment with in 10 min of the accident. The vet was able to put the eye back in and sew the eyelid shut. After the couple of weeks the swelling went down , took out the stitches and our vet determined that he will be blind in his right eye . Its still healing and I think he may be able to see some light / shadows. During all of this Gunner never acted hurt. He's one tough dog. I was still able to train him some, I've worked him on a squirrel tail and general obedience stuff. He's retrieving and chasing chipmunks. I put him on squirrel that was in the yard the other day, the squirrel ran off before we could get out of the house but Gunner trailed him for about 40 yards or so. I had him retrieving golf balls after dark one night, not bad for a little dog with one eye Check out the attached pics. I think he looks like his daddy. I'll keep you updated with his progress.

talk soon

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