Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sterling Earheart & pup JEB

Sterling Earheart of Mt Juilet TN writes ;

This is Jeb he will be 7 months next week. He is a Buckley feist out of Bigun and Bunny. He has been timbering and treeing a little bit so I thought I would take him on a hunt with my Sam dog to see what he would do. Sam was having a hard time finding a sq but finally treed a layup. Jeb couldn't smell it so he kept hunting on his own. I found Sam's sq just fixing to shoot it when Jeb started treeing about 60 yds away in a cedar thicket I looked and the sq started timbering Jeb right with him barking every breath. The sq timbered about 40 yds by me I had to shoot. Getting the sq away from him took awhile.


  1. I believe "Jeb" is going to make Sterling a good one. Look forward to hunting with him this year.


  2. Sterling sure seems to have a way with these little Prick eared dogs.


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