Friday, January 30, 2009


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Bigun on the wood hunting the early 08-09 season.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Joe Black

1012009 015
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This is Jays Joe Black dog the day we took Princess up to meet him.

Under the Rock

My creation
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Em and Jack

Monday, January 26, 2009

Em, Snowflake & me

1252008 053
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Pine mountain 2-24-09


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Pine Mountain

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Em & me on top of pine Mountain. 1-24-09

linda & Em

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Pine Mountain 1-24-09

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Taz & Me

This is Taz and me after a good early 08-09 season hunt bagging our limit.


This post above and below is in memory of Sugar. Sugar was a pup out of Dot & Slick. Jeff Moehlman came down and got her when she was 6 weeks old. She was going to be one of those dogs that only looked good she was doing what she was bred to do very good as well. She was just a little over 1 year old when she jumped out of the truck window after a squirrel and ran in front of a passing car. We got Jeff another pup of us he calls lacy which looks very much like Sugar. I know Lacy will never replace Sugar but we hope she helped east the pain. Each time we cut our little buddies loose we ever know if we will see them again.



Brandy Smith up in Cincinnati Ohio bought Coco for dad a gift from us and she writes;
Hey I'm sure you still remember me, I bought one of your dogs for my dad. Coco is doing GREAT!!! and EVERYBODY loves her she is VERY spoiled. Anyway one of my dads good friends wanted me to get a hold of you to see if you have any pups? Just let me know.

Thanks again

Callaham pup

This is a pup out of LT & Taz that John Callaham out of Inez. Ky got from our kennels. John writes;

the pup i got off you is doing good hes all hunt , i took both my pups out together today an they treed 3, dude started treeing about a week before he was 5 months old , ive never had him out with a trained dog or a caged squrriel he learning it all on his own , i believe hes going to be a good one .
John D Callaham

Ruby, Rosie , Rufus and Charlie

Some more good dogs that the Al Houge and his family have gotten form our kennel. The Houges sure know how to make squirrel dogs out of these Buckley Mountain Feist.

Ruby & Rosie

This is a couple dogs that are litter mate sisters we sold as 6 week old pups to Al Houge and his son David up in new Philly Ohio.


Rachell Hobart out of New Philly, Ohio got this good looking litle gal from us.Salali is a LT & Taz cross.

Rosie & Lazy

I loaned Rosie(red) to Jeff up in Collins Ohop to help Get his (white)Lacy pup going


Here is another one of those Lucy X Slick dogs. Don SandSandstrom of West union Ohio got. He says this little gal started treeing early and is a squirrel dog.


Fleet Korrell out of Fredericks, Md. Writes;

Hi jack i tolk a picture of Digger on a tree saturday i think he is
doing REAL GOOD I didn't go last week to cold & windy for me 12
degrees tihis week was better 25 and not as windy D igger made 4 trees
3 dens last tree had one on outside I Got it out to him . he don't
act like a 7 month old pup i am VERY happy with him thanks Jack


This is IB Ritche dog Copperon a hunt in Fleming County Ky in Feb 07.Copper is a full brother to our little lucy dog and out of our Meme & Clay. When We brought Copper to IB he wasn't much biget than a rat.


Diral Adkins of Salersvill, Ky writes:
Hello Jack, My oldest son called and wanted to go squirrel hunting with dogs. He has been hunting all his life but had never hunted squirrels with dogs before, so we took a little hunt this evening in Johnson County. Hammer treed seven, we saw six, and killed five. Shawn killed two with his .22 and I shot the others with a 20 ga. He loved it. At one point Hammer treed and when we got to him he was running from one tree to another about 100 feet away. He would bark up one then run to the other and bark up it. I thought he didn’t know where the squirrel was, but as we walked up one squirrel bailed out of the first tree and I killed it, and when I fired another squirrel ran out of the second tree and Shawn killed it. I am sending you some pictures of the hunt, my son, and three year old grandson. Diral


Bill Sperry out of Londonerry, Ohio writes;

Jack, How are you getting along with your dogs lately?I see more of your breeding program coming out in my dog every week.Hes treeing more this week, watching squirrel in the distance from his kennel and barking treed on them.Hes watching the treetops and hunting high like he never has.He stands and just watches and listens to the timber a great deal of the time while in his kennel.Right now my only complaint with him is that he will pull tree.Once he looses sight of it, or it gets hid he wants to find another .He done that this evening. I need to be able to rain down about 20 on him right away and he will be ok.He just needs to reallize if he sticks to the tree he is gonna get hair.Most of our leaves are down now so it will get easier.I could fix the problem real quick hunting him with my other dog but I want him to make on his own.To this point he is self made.It looks like he is going to be one that goes hard , fast ,and wide.Which would make him a young mans dog.It has finally rained up here, Id like to take a week now and hunt the legs off this dog. Well, Ive been pecking at this keybourd awhile now,the wife will be sending out a search party for me. Talk to you another time, BILL


Jim Rhodes out of Bryan, Ohio writes;
Hows things in Ky.This has been a long time comming but it did happen more my fault than Harlies.Took her out this after noon and she made her very first tree with out any help hope these pictures come through Iam not very good at this Take care and thanks for selling Harlie to me Jim


This is Louan a female pup out of LY & Taz summer 08 that Sterling Earheart of Mt. Jullet, for our Kennel.


I am blessed to have too many good dogs to hunt them all. I loaned my Little Dot female to my hunting buddy Kevin Clonley for a little huntint this fall.


Hey Jeff I like your decal. Thank Lacy & you for the advertising up in Northern Ohio.

LT & Taz spring 08 pup

Thede two pics is a pup out of Lt & Taz I sold to Bucky Jeffery out of Madinson, In. He says he is starting to a good job for him

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Jeff Moehlman had this to say about his pup in the deep cold snow up in Collins Ohio; My Buckley pup Lacy made her first scent tree today never saw the squirrel. I saw it go up the tree and we walked over to the general area and she caught the scent and tracked and treed it not for long but pretty hard for 20 seconds or so! I'm real proud of her it's a big step forward, thanks a ton to Jack and his breeding program down in Leburn! thumbup.gif thumbup.gif Oh she's just 7 months old this week!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cow elk

cow elk
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The dogs and me walked up to about 30 yds of this old cow elk and she set tight.

bigun on wood2

bigun on wood2
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Bigun up on the wood telling on a squack..

bosco & cast

bosco & cast
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Two 6 month old pups Bosco & Caster posing for a snapshot on a big rock.

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Mountain Feist treeing squacks