Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boots X Taz pups are here

Dag-gone. Just went out checked on the Boots little dudes and there are now 7 of them laying there. I will report there are a couple that looks like Boots, at least one B&T, couple looks to be choc & tan, a couple white with red trim and 1 white with black trim. I did see some bob tails crawling around in the nest also.
They seem to be doing fine so far. After raising many litters of puppies the 1st 3 days seems to be the time most generally if one isn't going to make it it will die. But I have lost them up to 4 weeks old during cold weather. One will be a hold of mommas utter and get drug out of the box sometimes. I have people calling and emailing me already wanting to know which pup is theirs. I ask them to show patience for a few weeks and lets see if they all make it.
I will doc tails, decipher sex and take pics in 2 to 3 days.

I also plan to get some updated pics of Dots pups on also. All 5 of these lil guys are doing great. Be patient with me on this litter also. Still haven't put any of them in homes yet. Bad weater and anything can go wrong. Would hate to promise someone on top of the list and get drug out of the nest and freeze.

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