Friday, December 17, 2010

North Carlina Mountain Feist Squirrel Dog

Hello Jack - Hope all is well with you and your family this holiday
season....I have tried to log on your blog but can't seem to get
on.....I have sent a couple pics of cookie from a 1 1/2 hunt yesterday
pm, she treed 4, two were dens and I saw 2, getting one down on the
ground....last Saturday she treed 15 and I saw 10 or so and shot down
3... its hard to handle the dog and shoot by yourself,ha!... Everytime I
missed she just looked at me like what the hecks going on??...I'll bring
more people next time!!...Cookie is a great dog with a lot of potential
and a pleasure to hunt and the wife is spoiling her way too much, I'm
lucky she hunts, ha....thanks for everthing and have a great
Christmas!!...Regards, Chuck Barger, Lexington NC

Jack - take note to the decal on the back window of my truck, I had it
made, it says "Buckley Mtn. Feist Squirrel Hunter".

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Mountain Feist treeing squacks