Tuesday, November 16, 2010


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I got this report back from Thomas Ellis of Penningtongap, Va, and a pic of his Buckley Mountain Feist Psalms 91 out of Bunny & Bigun..
Good Morning to you Jack,

I hope that this finds you and your family well. How are the squirrels your way? Here in Va where I hunt they are very limited right now, plenty of mast but hardly any squirrels around. I hear that in the next county up from me that they are covered up with them. I am working on getting some places to go in that county right now but with deer season being in that stops me cold for now. I have attached some pic's of Psalms 91, he is doing great for the limited amount of squirrels and me having a hard time getting off of work to get in to the woods. But every time that I take him out, I see such an improvement in him. I was also wondering, I am interested in looking for a young started Buckley Mtn Feist female that is not in the same line as Psalms and I know that you told me that from time to time that you work with some of your pups and then sell them later on. IF you have one or know that you will have one coming up please keep me in mind about this. Thank you for such a Great Breed of hunting dog. Have a Great day.

Thanks again
Thomas Ellis

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