Friday, October 15, 2010

Another squirrel hunt today

Well I come back home and had lunch and droped Princess off in the kennels.  Keep Taz and Fruity in the box. Then loaded up Bigun, Snowflake and Stubby and hit the woods again. Dropped Bigun and Stubby and they treed 3 times and I saw 1 of them but no shot. Anothe daarn bech tree.
Loaded these 3 back in the dog box and dropped Taz, and Stubby again. They treed 5 times and I saw for of them. Got of one shot and killed it. One ran in another old beech den and saw two run in the same hole in a old red oak den. Loaded them up and wnet to another spot and dropped all the dogs off. Taz and Bigun jacked her up, uncaped their headers and mounted their slicks and went to drag racing. Just can't hunt these two 1/2 broths togethr. Thy are 4  s old and still try to out do eaach oth like pups w huntetogethr. Thee tre thy we ove700 yds and treed Now this may inpress some but it burnt me up. There is no reason for a dog bee line and tree 800 yds. and watch them buzz through good hunting.
 This ended up being my bet y of the season even though I just got 1 for the tailgate. All togther they tree 13 times today  and I saw 6 squirrels. Never got many pics or good viedo because I forgot to charge my cam.

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