Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Snake bite dog

Snake bite dog
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Got this pic story from Roger Littlejohn sounds like this pup is in good hands after the snake bite.
Not sure if you knew, Pretty Boy Smarty got bit on the side of the face by a Copperhead snake while hunting on August 28th. He did fine following a treatment of benadryl, but we noticed his left eye (the blue one) appeared to be getting infected, so Pat took him to the Vet this morning only to discover that he had been bitten twice. Evidently after the snake initially struck him on the side of the face, Smarty went back in after him and got bit around his left eye. One of the fangs entered the lower part of his eye, but missed the cornea etc. Vet says his eyesight is fine and will not be affected in any way following a round of antibiotics. They had to sedate him to check his eye and also found a large grass seed imbedded in his eye. He must have gotten the seed imbedded when he was scooting his face across the ground after the snake bite. At any rate, Pretty Boy Smarty is going to be fine with a little rest. Pat, who is an ER nurse, has him resting comfortably at home. She sent me this picture after returning from the Vet. He's sleeping off the sedation :-)


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