Wednesday, September 29, 2010

old squirrell dogs of the past

This was another pic taking in the 1970's. of our old Pal dog and two of his pups treeing.

Old Squirrel dog picture.

Back when they all had long tails. I lost a lot of my old pictures to water damage a few years ago but my daughter was doing some cleaning out the closet and found a few for me.

This picture was taken in 1979 and he would have been about 10 years old at the time. He was of one of my old dogs named Pal. He was the real deal squirrel dog and great reproducer. On a one day hunt we shot out 42 squirrels to him. His blood runs thick in all my dogs I hunt to this day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

mountain feist kennels

Snowflake claims the wood while Aqua watches the back door.

mountain feist breeders

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taz-aqua-snowflake telling on Mr squack 9-28-10

Monday, September 27, 2010

Squirrel dog tail gate

Princess gets on the score board .


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Done a couple mod's to the Rhino. Added 2 more pet taxies so I can haul more and road more dogs. I also took the gun racks off te back roll bars and mounted them on the hood. This way I have easier access to them. Not to mention keep a eye on my guns better. While they where mounted on the back roll bar a limb hit my shotgun and knocked it out of the rack. I never missed until the dog treed a squack and I had no gun to shoot it with,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Squirrel dog

Squirrel dog
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This is my little red mountain feist squirrel dog treeing a squirrel today.

Louisiana squirrel dog

Steven McKee of Bastrop Louisiana had his sister drive up from Tennesse yesturday and pick up his Louisiana Mountain Fesit natural bob tailed female pup out of Snowflake and Taz. She tells me me she made a deal with Steven. If she would get her 2 tickets to the Tennesse X LSU game Oct. 2nd she would drive up here , pick up his pup and deliver it to him.
Steve has a cabin in the Mississippie Delta and has invited us to come and hunt with him for a week in January.
Good luck with your new Louisiana Mountain Fesit Steve and keep us posted on her progress.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tennessee squirrel hunting

Tennessee squirrel hunting
I got the next two pictures and hunting story from Roger Littlejohn and his hunting buddy Sterling Earheart of TN. today.
If you guys out there hunting these Buckley dogs enjoy seeing these pics and reading others hunting stories Email me yours and I'll post them here on the BLOG. JACK.

Good Morning Jack:

Sterling and I took the Buckley Boys for an early morning round today. Hunting them solo, first out of the box was Buckley's Jeb (Bigun X Bunny). After a brief encounter with a couple of yotes, Jeb treed twice and had the meat on both trees. We ended Jeb's round on a high note and broke out Buckley's Ol #7. Seven's first tree was a den, but it didn't take him long to tree twice more and we found the mean on both of those trees. In about two hours we hunted both dogs, treed 5 times, shoot 4 male squacks.

In the first picture is Sterling with one of Jeb's squirrels, about to give Jeb a couple of Squack Treats :-)

In the second picture, Sterling is holding the Buckley Boys (Jeb on left & Seven on right) in front of their Squack pile.

Tennessee Mountain Feist

Sterling Earheart with Jeb and Ole #7 with 4 dead squacks.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dogs treeing a squirrel

The next 3 pics is of the hunt this morning.
I loaded up Aqua and Stubby for a short round this morning. This was Aqua 1st time out since she weaned her pups and they were 6 weeks old monday. Aqua treed 3 times.

Tailgat pic of squirrel dogs

I was only able to spot one of them and this is it on the tailgate.

Mast for squirrels

Mast for squirrels
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I was very saddend to find 4 babies in her when I cut her open. But for a good thing acorns are laying everywhere. Squirrels are scarce here yet maybe this time next year they will repopulate.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


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Went and stocked up on Purina dog chow today.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mountain feist breeders

Em calls these two natural bob tail pups Jumpy F-(black & white Snowflake X Tax) and Omega M-( red and white Aqua X Taz). They are very friendly outgoing pups.
Being a mountain Feist breeder these two pups are very good examples of what we try to accomplish in looks and temperament. Now if they will tree game like their parents and ancestors will complete the package.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

mountain feist and kids

These pups are 6 weeks old today and the only ones Em has left to play with out of the two litters of 10. The black and white ( SNOWFLAKE X TAZ) will be leaving this week to her new home in Louisiana. The gentleman wants the red and white (AQUA X TAZ) male but EM hasn't agreed to give him up yet. Both these pups have natural bob tails and are gritty has heck

Anyway EM gets them out yesterday to play with them and at 1st all goes well

Then things started getting really rough and I had to run in and seperate the 3 of them

Sunday, September 19, 2010

north carolina mountain feist squirrel dogs

Joe Bowen out of ANGIER, North Carolina is up north mending his bear . Joe sent his wife and daughter up today to pick up his red and white natural bob tail female pup out of Buckley's Aqua and Buckley's Taz today. Good luck with her Joe and we look forward getting reports back from her.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

KY Mountain Feist Squirrel dog

Been another busy day here at Greytails Kennels.

Russell Johnson and family drove over from Virgie, KY today and picked up his red male pup out of Buckley's Aqua X Buckley's Taz.
Good luck with him Russell and keep us posted on his progress.

Tennesse Mountain Feist Squirrel dog

Greg Spradlin drove up from Oneida, Tennessee today and picks up his male pup out of Snowflake X Taz. Good luck with him Greg and keep us posted on his progress.

WV Mountain Feist squirrel dog

Tim and Melissa Stalnaker from Bowden, WV drove down today and picked up their two female Buckley Mountain Feist pups. Melissa is holding the red natural bob tail pup out of Aqua X Tax. Tim is holding the black and white female out of Snowflake X Taz.. Good luck with them guys and keep us posted on their progress.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kentucky Mountain Feist Breeder

Randy Fouts from here in Knot County came by today and picked up his male Mountain Feist pup out of Buckley's Snowflake and Buckley's Taz. Good luck with him Randy.

Georgia squirrel dog

Another Georgia Mountain Feist pup heading to its new home in Georgia.

Kirk Perteet out of Tiger Georgia dove up this morning and picked up his natural bob tail treeing Feist pup he named BOONE out of Buckley's Snowflake X Buckley's TAZ.
Kirk tells me he has lots of mast and lots of squirrels around his place to train and hunt Boone on. Good luck with him Kirk and keep us posted on his progress.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mtn feist puppies

mtn feist puppies
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These little dudes will start leaveing for their new homes tomorrow. The hardest part about raising pups is letting them go. We would like to keep them all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Snake bite dog

Snake bite dog
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Got this pic story from Roger Littlejohn sounds like this pup is in good hands after the snake bite.
Not sure if you knew, Pretty Boy Smarty got bit on the side of the face by a Copperhead snake while hunting on August 28th. He did fine following a treatment of benadryl, but we noticed his left eye (the blue one) appeared to be getting infected, so Pat took him to the Vet this morning only to discover that he had been bitten twice. Evidently after the snake initially struck him on the side of the face, Smarty went back in after him and got bit around his left eye. One of the fangs entered the lower part of his eye, but missed the cornea etc. Vet says his eyesight is fine and will not be affected in any way following a round of antibiotics. They had to sedate him to check his eye and also found a large grass seed imbedded in his eye. He must have gotten the seed imbedded when he was scooting his face across the ground after the snake bite. At any rate, Pretty Boy Smarty is going to be fine with a little rest. Pat, who is an ER nurse, has him resting comfortably at home. She sent me this picture after returning from the Vet. He's sleeping off the sedation :-)


Monday, September 13, 2010

Rogue @ 3 months

Rogue @ 3 months
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Rogue is 11 pounds now. She will finish about 22lb-24lb mark I would guess. She is not short legged. She is a bit longer in the body then my Decker Terriers. She has the best voice I ever heard out of a Terrier and is full of hunt. Very happy with her and she will most diffidently fill what I was looking for.

I appreciate it,


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hunting squirrels with dogs

I got this pic today from Jeff Moehlman of Ohio and his two Buckley dogs Lacy ( Bunny X Bigun) Cinders ( Dot X Pumpgun)
Went this morning for a little bit made 4 solid trees Cinders busted one in the woods on the ground and she looked like a lightning bolt flying through the woods after it.It went up a 100ft red oak and I couldn't find it. Saw one more in a big wolf oak saw it but it must have went to the top lost it. Never got off a shot but I was happy with the way the dogs hunted even in the dry conditions.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Georgia honey

Georgia honey
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Good friends, good squirrel dogs and good eats all go hand to hand. The UPS driver dropped this Georgia honey off here to me. My good friend Jennings Ivester of Georgia sends it o me. Yum yummie its GOOD stuff!

Jennings and his brother Brian has got 4 dogs from us and has another booked. Thanks for hunting our dogs and thanks for the gift.

Through my dogs I have surely been blessed meeting lots of good folk and made lots of good friends over the many years

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treeing Feist squirrel dogs

Jewell Bealmear and wife Linda of Cadiz (Lake Barkley) Kentucky drove out to Hazard last evening and spent the night then drove on over this morning to pick up a pair of Buckley Mountain Feist pups. The black and white pup Jewell is holding in a natural bob tail female out of Aqua X Taz. The red and white female is out of Conley's Casie and Bigun.

Jewell just got home from Afghanistan where he has worked 3 years for the civil engineers. Jewell first called me from Afghanistan a while back and said after looking at all the Feist dogs on the web that our dogs was what he was looking for. He said actually Bigun looked very much like the old 3 year old Feist he has now.

Jewell says his place joins Lake Barkley and has invited Kevin and me out hunting with him. Good luck with your pups Jewell and Kevin and me look forward taking you up on the hunting offer next year.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

picture of mountain feist

Roger Littlejohn sends me another pic and hunt he made today with his young dog Ole # 7. Its good seeing #7 is getting woods time. Sounds like he is on his way to making another good one. Keep the pics and hunts coming Roger and we'll keep posting them. It sure looks like its going to be a even worse year here this season than even last unless some move in fast. Jack
Evening Jack:
I took Seven for a quick round this afternoon....slightly less than an hour. He treed five times but I was only able to find one because of the leaves, it showed it's self by timbering out on him.
I'm glad to see that he's beginning to use his nose a little more. He'll be putting all those scenses togeather this season and learning to trust what that nose is telling him :-)
Hope you enjoy the picture

Started squirrel dog

Seven with the meat. Seven belongs to Roger littlejohn and is out of J's Joe Black X Buckleys Princess. Roger tells me he is making a fine young squirrel dog.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tn squirrel dog

Tn squirrel dog
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Roger Littlejohn of MtJuliet Tn went hutning with his friend and hunting buddy Sterling Earhear. He sends me this tailgate picture and report of Jeb. It sure makes me proud hearing reports back from these pups from our mountain feist kennels.
This is a picture of Sterling and Jeb (Bigun X Bunny) following our hunt Saturday morning. Jeb's making a fine squirrel dog.

Monday, September 6, 2010

squirrel dog video

Another clip of Pat Eavans Blaze ( LT X TAZ).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

KY Squirrel dog

KY Squirrel dog
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Pat Evans of Heidrick, KY sends me this clip of his young Blaze dog ( LT X TAZ) . Keep up the good work with him Pat he's lookng good.
Jack, took Blaze out for the first time this morning and man was he on his game. He made several trees and looked darn good doing it. I killed one and saw a few others but was by myself and had a .22 so not a lot I could do. Still, I had a darn good time following him. He is gonna make a good one I think, already is actually.

TN squirrel dogs

TN squirrel dogs
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Got this pic and report back From Roger LittleJohn today. This really makes me proud seeing others enjoy their dogs they got from us.
I would like you say thank you Roger and Sterling for doing your part taking your pups to the woods so they would become what they were bred for. Jack
Sterling and I took Jeb & Seven for a short round this morning and hunted each one of them solo. It was Jeb's first hunt of this year's squirrel season. He treed twice with the first tree having two squirrels in it. Nothing like starting the season with a double hit :-) Jeb finished his round with two trees and three squirrels.
We put Jeb up and let Seven have a little fun. Seven treed twice with the meat both times.
We finished up our 2 hour morning hunt with a total of 5 squirrels (4 grays & 1 fox squirrels) all males.
Hope you enjoy the tailgate picture.

Friday, September 3, 2010


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Snowflake X Taz Mountain Feist males pups.


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Snowflake X Taz Mountain Feist female pups.

Aqua X Taz-pups

Aqua X Taz-pups
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Aquas Mountain Feist pups Pups will be 4 weeks old Monday.


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Got this report back from James Dockey of Murphy, N.C. this morning of his 7 month old prick eared natural bob tail future North Carolina Squirrel dog Buster pup out of Bigun & Bunny. James says this pup is a 30 pounder.
Attached are some pictures I made last month of Buster in the woods and his new roof on the lot.

He really likes to be in the woods. Took him out on the mountain this evening and he is starting to pickup a track and follow it to a tree and look up the tree. Nothing lazy about this dog except his trainer.

Catch you later.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Squirrel hunting

Squirrel hunting
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This what you like to see when someone gets one of your pups and that its gets took to the woods. Donnie Arnold of Rogersville Tn. sends me this picture and report about his Ace pup out of Bunny & Bigun. Thats is great your family is helping by taking your pup to the woods Donnie.
JACK, Here are some pics of Ace. Penny and the girls have had him in woods alot since i've been gone working in Paducah .They send pics ever few days and it looks like he grows in every one!!!

New Chat Room and message Board

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Mountain Feist treeing squacks