Saturday, January 30, 2010


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Next 3 pics is our results of the 2110 I-40 winter storm...

Ems pup Stub had a rough time treading the snow this morning. Nothing like good neighbors. I was about to attempt digging out when my neighbor drove up on his snow blade equiped 4-wheeler....


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Linda car was snowed under.


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Nothing like good neighbors. I was about to start digging out when Oscar drove up on his snow blade equipped ATV and dug me out......

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mississippi Sqirrrel dog

Have been hunting Jaz and Jack Black. They are both showing alot of interest. Both are looking up the tree and are starting to bark. Today they caught and killed a squirrel. They were very impressive and i am very proud of their progress. Just starting to hunt regular because our deer and duck seasons are coming to a close so now its squirrel time for me. I will sent some pictures soon I meant to get some today but dark caught me. I didnt want to stop hunting.We actually treed three. We lost one, the dogs caught one, and i shot one out to them. It was a great hunt for my young dogs.

Tyler Murphy

Mississippi Mountain Feist

Another pup out of ZOEY X TAZ that Tyler Murphy is hunting.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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EM's new 7 week old bob tail mountain feist puppy really hates Lindas pant leg.....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mountain Feist pups

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This is Snowflake and Taz pups today. The next 5 pics are the pups. They are getting plenty milk from their momma because they aren't eating and are all little butter balls.

squirrel dog pup

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Snowflake & Taz female #3..

Feist puppy

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Snowflake & Taz female #2..

Fiest pup

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Snowflake & Taz female #1..

squirrel dog pup

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Snowflake & Taz male #2..

Buckley Mountain Feist pup

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Snowflake and Taz male #1

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ohio Mountain Feist

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Jeff Moehlman of Collins Ohio sends me this tailgate picture 1-22-10 of his Buckley mountain Feist Lacy. Lacy is a Bunny X Bigun cross.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kentucky Mountain Feist

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Picture of Clarence Isaacs of McKey Kentucky and his female puppy he picked up out of our Zoey & J's Joe Black.

"north carolina mountain feist"

Report From Chuck Barger
Jack - wanted to send a update on Cookies 8
months old she is a hustler in the woods, locates the meat quickly and
stays on the tree till I get there. Great genetics plus plenty of boot
leather with a little fur in the teeth equals a very good future
squirrel dog, that I'm thrilled to own. You'd be PROUD of her!....Thanks
for everything, Chuck Barger, Lexington NC

Virginia Mountain Feist

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By James N. Dockery

This is for your file. I have broken him from biting your toes. He's looking good in his new walking harness! He sure loves the outdoors. More later!

Georgia Mountain Feist

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Lee Rainwater and his two boys drove up last night from Bowden Georgia. They spent the night over at Hazard and had them some fun in the swimming pool. They droveon over here this morning and I took them for a elk tour. We spotted 10 or 12 bull elk. We got up to about 40 yds to some of these monsters. One of them was a nice 5 X 5.... Lee took some pics maybe he'll post them when he gets home.
The white and red pup makes the 2nd pup out of Zoey & Joe Black Lee has gotten from us. While here Lee also picked up the black pup for Billy Lasters out of Dublin Georgia
Hope you guys have a safe trip back home and good luck with yours pups.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mississippi Squirrel dog

I got this pic from Glenn Champless and his son of Hattiesburg Mississippi today. This little red Mountain Feist squirrel dog he has is out of our old Brownie dog.
Hope you got the picture of Cinnamon, Jacob and myself, we went hunting this evening behind the house for about thirty minutes, Cinnamon treed eight times we killed three. we had a blast. Nothing but the best from your dogs thanks Jack.

Joe Black Mountain Feist pups

Decided to bring Zoey & Joe Black 5 weeks old pups in today for the 1st time so Em could put a spoiling on them. LOL they acted like they have been in here all the time.
Two of these lil dudes are going to Georgia and two are staying here in KY...

Friday, January 8, 2010


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Below is a picture and video sent to me by Jennings Ivesters Georgia Mountain Feist Tucker Playing in his 1st snow. Tucker is out of Dot & Pumpgun. Jennings will also be getting a black & white female to go with Tucker out of Snowflake & Taz.
Just wanted to send you a video on Tucker enjoying his first snow. It's been really funny watching him try to retrieve a snowball. Tennis balls he can retrieve but just eats the snowballs. Weather is pretty rotten but as soon as it breaks, going to put some fur in Tucker's mouth!!

Ivester's tucker

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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Looks like Buster is living the good life. His new owner James Dockery sent me this pic and update.

It was well worth the wait to get this pup. He made the trip to NC just fine. Sending a few photos for your file. I sure gave him the right name, since he likes to untie my shoes. Some training this spring will correct that without any problem. Tell EM I'm am sorry I took her buddy. Now she has six more to spoil. Good looking litter from Snowflake. More later.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Snowflake & Taz 1-4-10

Snowflake & Taz Mountain Fest pups were born this morning 2-4-10. The temp was 9 above outside... Thank GOD for the Germanic heater and the heating pad under the rug. Just hope the electric don't go off again...

New Chat Room and message Board

We have a new site up and running. It is a message board and has a nice chat room as well. Everyone is welcome to come join. Just register and start posting your own post and pics of your dogs and hunts. Everyone is welcome to come share your dogs and hunts. So click the link and join us.

Mountain Feist treeing squacks