Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sterling Earhearts Louan

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Got this report from Sterling and his Louan dog out of Taz & LT.
Yesterday afternoon I hunted Louan solo. She has been out of heat for a week. We had an exciting hunt. She treed six and I killed four missed two. Needed Littlejohn. Them low brass shells just wouldn't knock em out of them tall trees. This is the best Louan has ever done so I took a picture on the tailgate. Yesterday was her 17 month birthday.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sterling Earheart and Buckley's Jeb

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I got another good picture and hunting story back from Sterling Earheart.
Me and Banjo hunted Jeb and his rt Boog yesterday morning in the river bottoms had a good hunt, killed three fox and one grey. It's rare to kill three fox in a day around here. I am attaching a cell phone picture. It ain't a very good picture.

jeff lacy

jeff lacy
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I got the below email from one of my pup customers. I sure hope he brings her back. This lil dog is just a lil over a year old.
Lacy was hammering them today, I don't know what happened to her in the last week but she is really impressing me and my huntin buddy. She was tracking and treeing and I watch her wind a couple. We cut our hunt short cause my buddy didn't want to carry anymore and Cinders was flat wore out. My friend was amazed at how a dog could wind a squirrel up in a tree. I was going to take her back and get my money but I think I change my mind and may keep her awhile!

Buckley Mountain Feist

Chris Stacy
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me and anthony took daisy out for a little while this morning in the wind but the squaks was moving this was daisy first squirrel and anthony first kill and he got it with 1 shot and when it hit the ground he grabbed it and took off to show my dad who was in for christmas and then to show his mom and he has told everyone he seen about it and ready to go in the morning he is also a better shot than my other hunting partner.
This is the kind of pictures and hunting stories I really like to see. Keep these young people intersterd in our sport and pray they will keep it alive for many more generations to come.

Monday, December 28, 2009

female mountain feist puppies

Dean Hint and his son drove down from Cuba, New York last night and picked up their Bunny & Bigun Christmas female puppy....
Good luck with her Dean.

Feist puppy

Fesit puppy
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Pat Evans of Heidrick, KY has is son pick up his Christmas puppy out of bunny & Bigun. This makes 4 dogs Pat has bought from our kennels. Thaks alot Pat and we wish you the best of luck with this lil gal.

Tom Slones cow elk

Tom Slones cow elk
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My great nephew Gunter's uncle Thomas Slone from up around Owenton KY had a cow elk tag he wanted to fill. He had been hunting for him a elk a couple months. I told him to come by and I would see if I could help him fill his tag. He stopped in today around 12:30 PM and we headed out. Just as soon as we got in the area we spotted 8 elk about 1200 yds away. We got in a lil closer and glassed them. All 8 were bulls. We went on and spotted a single. Another darn bull. We went on. Spotted a heard of about 15. All bulls. Where are these bulls when you are hunting bulls. We went on and spotted 7 more elk over a raven. All bulls. We went on. Came around a curve in the road and elk were everywhere. Close to 60 of them were cows we guessed. Tom jumped of the Rhino and shot this nice cow at about 70 yds..
That was the easy part. She ran down th side of that hill and died. Man that hill was steeper than a mules face too. We hooked the winch and every cable we had to her and pulled her up on the road. I told him from now on shot the one that is already in the road.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bunny Bigun pups

Bunny Bigun pups
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Bunny and Bigun Mountain Feist pups are three weeks old today 12-11-09. They are already eating like lil pigs. These puppies will be 6 weeks old and ready to go home CHRISMAS eve.........

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sterling Earhearts Buckley Jeb

Sterling Earheart of MtJuliet Tn. sent me this picture and hunting story about his Prick Eared Feist and him.

Went back to the lake this afternoon ended up with four and one hang up I couldn't get out. Ran out of shells shooting @ them timbering greys and had to quite early. Treed three more that I could get a shot at before they got to a den tree. I got it figured out, takes me three shells per squirrel.
Not a good picture but I can't get Jeb to pose.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


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Sterling Earheart sends me this today about his squirrel dog. Thanks for the pic Sterling.
Here is a fresh picture of Jeb from yesterday. He treed 8 times, killed four. others were in dens or timbered to dens before I could get a shot. Thats Greta in the picture also she thought she should get a little bit of credit cause she helped timber a couple.

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Mountain Feist treeing squacks