Sunday, November 22, 2009


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Lacy is a Ohio Mountain Feist owned by Jeff Moehlmal. Jeff send me the following report.
Lacy finally made a real nice solid tree about a 100yds from me and stuck till I got there and shot out the meat. She was blowing up the woods on this one really made me happy for once. Cinders is really starting to range out and is using her nose great checking trees I think she treed on a few dens but didn't bark just was up on the wood checking them over real good. Oh Cinders got caught in a snare and was squealing like a pig I thought a coyote had he for a minute. Luckily it got her around the back legs and I was close and got her out quick. The guy is trying to catch the coyotes so I can't bitch to much about the snares-----------


  1. That Lacy is a fine looking "Pricked Eared" little gal.

  2. She sure is on fine looking "Pricked Eared" Feist. I wish Jeff would give to me for Christmas......


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