Wednesday, September 2, 2009

lou's fall sq

lou's fall sq
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Sterling Earheart of Mt' Juliet TN. sent me this pic of his Tennessee Feist Louan "red head" and his Gala Creek Greta " lemon head". Thanks for the pic Sterling.
I took Louan for a round yesterday evening and she treed one, as I was going to her it timberd out and you'd be proud of this shot. the sq was timbering about 40 yds through a big hickory tree Louan right under him. I shot 1 time sq fell out Louan grabed him when he hit the ground. I was a little surprised I hit him, but glad I took the shot. Louan was glad too. I had Greta with me too. They both liked the heart and liver and stuff.
Greta is a 4 month old pup from Galla Creek.
I'll try to get a picture of Jeb soon.

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